Oh, hello there. I’m Michelle, author and sometimes illustrator of novels and picture books for readers of all ages. I mostly write about characters (be they animal, imaginary, or black hole...) who are on a quest to find connection and their truest selves. I live in a house by the woods with my husband and my dog Indy, (after Indiana Jones). Some of my favorite things are travel, the ocean, nature, poetry, quotes, tea, shortbread, octopuses, trees, bees, train trips, Muppets, Jim Henson, time travel, Pixar, 70s dresses, painting watercolors, surreal hats, philosophy, British baking shows, being read to, falconry, and the final line of the book Charlotte's Web: "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both." Anyhoo, welcome to my site, have a look around, and please... don't feed the birds. 

Out Now!

The Town of Turtle


In Turtle's shell there's room for only one. But in Turtle's heart, there is room for everyone! This tale of a lonely turtle who comes out of his shell to find friendship and community celebrates diversity and inclusion. 

When a solitary turtle decides to make some renovations to his shell, he doesn’t have a blueprint, only a dream for a better life. He starts by building a deck—though he figures the deck could use a fireplace. And a fireplace needs wood, so naturally, he plants a garden. But it isn’t really a garden without a pond . . . Soon, Turtle can barely recognize his own shadow.

Finally satisfied with the intricate world upon his back, word begins to spread of the magical “Town of Turtle,” attracting newcomers from far and wide. All are welcome in Turtle’s town, where life is a little less lonely, if only you come out of your shell.



Turtle’s tower of creations .... celebrates the new community,


where all seems possible and every living thing is welcome.


         Publishers Weekly Starred Review



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